Country Visions has a team of highly-trained, certified professionals to help you with your energy needs. Whether you are looking for propane to heat your home or cook your food, we have you covered. We can fill your recreational vehicles, grill tanks and support your commercial enterprise. We carry high-quality products delivered by a dependable company, dedicated to servicing our customers. 

Scheduled delivery service and budget programs are offered for our heating fuel customers, and contracting options are available for farm, home and commercial customers. A tank monitoring system is also available for large volume users. 



​Energy Office
Phone: (920) 754-2240
10832 US Highway 10, Reedsville, WI 54230


Country Visions has propane tanks available for lease in sizes from 120 gallons to 1000 gallons, and we fill cylinders from 20 to 100 pounds and motor homes* at our Country Store locations. As a major supplier of LP gas, Country Visions LP service offers you competitive prices, efficient service and friendly personnel. Whether you need LP gas for your home, farm or business, Country Visions is here to be your trusted energy advisor.
*This service may not be available at all of the Country Store locations. 

Energy Locations

Propane Services

  • Scheduled delivery - we'll make sure your tank has a sufficient supply at all times (with approved credit)

  • A locked-in price for the heating season* (400 gallons minimum, with signed contract)

  • Set monthly billing plan so no surprises

  • Prepay programs* - 400 gallons minimum

  • Tank leasing programs

  • Charge account features

  • Metered delivery tickets

  • Patronage options if you wish to share in the profits

  • Experienced personnel to set-up your LP tank

  • Delivery of 200 gallons (minimum) up to full transport loads

Bulk Petroleum

We serve a diverse group of customers from farming operations, home heating customers and a variety of commercial businesses. To serve our customers, we have a fleet of delivery trucks on the road daily with fuel capacities of 2,500 to 5,500 gallons.

We are committed to exceeding our your needs. Our team of dedicated employees begins early each day and stays late, and we are only a phone call away.

Bulk Services

  • Scheduled delivery service

  • Contracting programs are available for farm, home and commercial customers

  • Tank monitoring system available and automatically contacts dispatch when the tank is getting low, so a delivery can be scheduled and outages avoided.


  • Diesel Fuel

  • Clear On-Road

  • Gasoline

  • Fuel Oil

  • Oil

  • Cenex Lubricants in bulk and drums

Oil Sampling Demo

Cenex Total Protection Plan®

You’ve made a huge investment in your equipment. Protect that investment by keeping it running at peak performance. The Cenex Total Protection Plan® is unsurpassed in its ability to provide valuable coverage for both agriculture and forestry equipment — and peace of mind for you.

Energy Department

Location Staff

Bill Hoeltke
VP of Energy and Retail
Carl Kiedrowski
Propane Division Manager
Nathan Johnson
Bulk Petroleum Division Manager
Ken Mack
Propane Service Manager
Dennis (Griz) Taylor
Operations Manager
Mason Kohlmeier
Operations Manager
Michelle Richardson
CSR Lead

Delivery Services
Kevin Blatz
Gerry Ebert
Bulk Petroleum
Brian Goehring
Bulk Petroleum
Joe Guarisco
Matt Holmes
Brett Junio
Bulk Petroleum
Tom Kaczmarek
Bulk Petroleum
Dave Kaster
Scott Kemmerling
Rob “Weasel” Korinek
Bulk Petroleum
William R Krueger
Bulk Petroleum
Dennis Laabs
John Leurquin
Rick Magley
Ron Magley
Bulk Petroleum
Paul Pansier
Bulk Petroleum
Will Pethan
Bulk Petroleum
John Schmidt, Jr.
Kevin Schwahn
Bulk Petroleum
Leon Stanislawski
Bulk Petroleum
Craig Weninger


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