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As your propane supplier, the safety of you and your family is our top priority. Propane, when used properly, is a safe, clean burning, convenient and efficient energy. As with other fuel types (fuel oil, electricity, natural gas, wood), it is extremely important to respect, understand and know how to safely use your propane system.

Whether you are in your house or out near your tank it is important to know what propane smells like and what the precautions are if you do smell it. Propane is naturally odorless but during the manufacturing process odor is added to bring attention to potential danger. This not so appealing odor may have a rotten egg or skunk smell.

So, what do you do if you catch a big whiff of this ripe scent? First, if you are in your home, exit quickly and safely without turning anything on or off (lights, phone, etc.). Once you are outside, if it is safe to do so, go over to your tank and turn off the supply valve. Lastly, once you are a safe distance away (300 feet) call us at (920)754-2240 or your local fire department.

We want you to be able to recognize the odor of propane and to know what to do if you suspect a problem. Propane Safety pamphlets with the scratch & sniff circle are mailed to customers annually. Please read the safety brochure and share the information with your family.

If you would like a Propane Safety pamphlet with the scratch and sniff circle mailed to you, please fill out the form below: 

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