Most Typical Propane Deliveries: No Added Fees 
Under normal circumstances, you will not be charged any additional fees to have propane delivered. If any special circumstances occur, fees may apply.

Delivery Request Below Minimum: Price Per Gallon at 120gal Tank Rate 
Minimum delivery is 225 gallons. Any delivery request less than minimum, will be charged at the higher 120-gallon tank price per gallon. This does not apply to tanks on scheduled delivery.

Safety and Compliance Test: $50.00 + tax
A complete system test is needed after a disruption of service. This includes, but not limited to: running out of propane (gauge reading 5% or less), new appliance installation, turning system off at tank, etc. This is a requirement of the National Fuel Gas Code. All new customers are required to have a Safety and Compliance test done.

 3 to 5 Business Day Notice is required for Will Call Customers
To help avoid the following fees, accounts set up as Will Call or C.O.D. must allow time to be included in a driver’s route. Driver delivery schedules are computer generated; it takes 3 to 5 business day to get scheduled into the route. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays are not considered business days.

Routed Will Call Out of Gas Fee (gauge reading 5% or less): $125.00 (includes safety and compliance test and service fee)
Fee applies to customer tanks that are placed into the route and are below 5% or out of gas when the driver arrives to fill. Customer will be contacted to scheduled the safety and compliance test.

Special Delivery Charge per trip during normal working hours: $250.00
If a propane delivery is needed during normal business hours and the customers tank is not on the route for the day. Only charged to Will Call and C.O.D. customers.

Special Delivery Charge after 4:00 p.m. weekends and holidays: $300.00
If a propane delivery is needed after normal business hours, or during weekend or holidays. Only charged to Will Call and C.O.D. customers.

Out of Route Fee: $50.00 + tax
Only used on 120-gallon tanks; when a customer requests a delivery on a 120-gallon tank that is at 31% or more.

Return Trip Fee: $75.00
Only charged when Country Visions Cooperative isn’t able to make the scheduled delivery because of non-compliance with payment terms or safety.