Labor Rate: $85.00 per hour/service tech

Safety and Compliance Test: $50.00 + tax
A complete system test is needed after a disruption of service. This includes, but not limited to: running out of propane, new appliance installation, turning system off at tank, etc. This is a requirement of the National Fuel Gas Code. All new customers are required to have a Safety and Compliance test done.

Tank Lease: $9.95 plus tax
Lease Fee Includes: Tank, Support blocks, High Pressure Regulator, and Pigtail
One-time fee, not a yearly or monthly fee.

Standard Tank Installation: Approximately $250.00*  
Standard tank installation is when a tank is installed 10 feet away from structure. 
Includes: Low Pressure Regulator, 10 feet of trenching, 20 feet of ¼ copper tubing, Dielectric Union, Safety & Compliance Test and Safety Materials. *Price determined by cost of materials at time of service.
 Any parts or labor that exceeds the above will be billed accordingly with a minimum of 1-hour labor.

Tank Switch Out/Swap: $85 per hour of labor (1st hour is FREE)*, plus parts if needed 
Customer is responsible for any parts that need updating, or replacement. Items that may need replacement are: Low Pressure Regulator, Dielectric Union, and/or Misc. Fittings. *There will be a charge of 1 hour of labor if tank that is being swapped is at 40% or more. 

Leased Tank Regulator Change/Upgrade: $85.00 per hour, plus parts 
Customer will be charged for Low Pressure Regulator, Dielectric Union, & Misc. Fittings.
Please Note: Country Visions owns the tank and the first stage regulator as part of your lease agreement. The line in the ground & the second stage regulator on the house is owned by the customer. 

Owned Tank Regulator Change/Upgrade: $85.00 per hour, plus parts & materials
Customer will be charged for High & Low-Pressure Regulator, Dielectric Union, & Misc. Fittings.

Tank Removal for Change to Natural Gas: $85.00 per hour
This will include pumping out fuel left in tank and removal of tank from property.
Customer will be responsible for removing line in ground and low-pressure regulator on building. 

Miscellaneous Shop Supply: $10.00
Charged when leak detector solution, pipe dope, rags, thread tape and other miscellaneous supplies are used.

Monitor Fee: $50.00
Charged once-a-year in January for customers who request a monitor

Propane Line Location Fee: $85.00
The underground propane line is owned by the property and therefore a fee will apply for this service.

Tank Reading for Property/Home Sale$85.00 per hour/trip fee
Requested as part of the closing on a property or home sale.

Move Customer Owned Tank: $85.00 per hour, plus $0.50 per mile

Propane Tank Low Usage fee: $100.00
Each leased tank must receive a minimum gallon delivery once a year between June 1 and May 31. For information on minimum gallon deliveries, please contact our Energy office.