Virtual Plot Tour


Welcome to the 2020 Ripon Plot Tour

Plot Introduction by Rick Porter
In this plot tour we have:
Soybean Recap
Herbicide Plot Demo
NK Soybeans and Corn
Asgrow & Dekalb Soybeans and Corn

Herbicide Demos

Looking for clean fields? Weeds have quiet the impact on our crops, herbicide Expert, Jeff Laufenberg, takes us through his herbicide plot demos in corn and soybeans this year.

2020 Asgrow Soybeans

Matt Swanson, Bayer Science Rep, takes us through the 2020 Asgrow Soybean Plot.

2020 Soybean Season Recap

Country Visions Agronomist, David Schraufnagel, takes us through the 2020 growing season for soybeans in eastern Wisconsin.

NK Soybeans and Corn Plots

John Crispin takes us through the NK corn and soybean plots in Ripon, WI.

2020 Dekalb Corn

Matt Swanson, Bayer Science Rep, takes us through the 2020 Dekalb Corn Plot.

Fungicide Trial:

In this plot demo, Agronomist Tim Pagel, takes us through canopy penetration to the ear leaf and value of lower leaves.


Follow up to the video:

From Left to Right - 
Ear Leaf: 96 bu/Ac
Ear Leaf and Lower: 192 Bu/Ac
Ear Leaf and Above: 217.6 Bu/Ac

Nitrogen Response Trial:

Located in Chilton, Wisconsin, this particular demo takes a look at corn's response to nitrogen. Agronomy Manager, Brian Madigan, explains the importance of adding sulfur to the mix when striving to achieve maximum nitrogen response.

Soybean Nutrition Trial:

In this soybean Nutrition trial, Agronomist Mike Kuffel, takes us through the effects of adding certain nutrients has on our soybeans.