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We know the importance of having the right grain locations and team to help with marketing decisions. Country Visions Cooperative has full-service grain elevators and additional storage sites to allow for capacity to market corn, soybeans, wheat, and oats. Our team of grain managers are available to help you set up a customized marketing plan.

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Market Update

Grain Markets 5-17-24

5/17/2024 10:42:20 PM

Nick takes us through the grain markets for the week ending on 5-17-24. ...

Grain Merchandising

   Grain Contracts

Spot Cash Contract

Spot Cash contracts are the most commonly used of any of the contracts. It is used when the cash price has reached your goal with little thought to either futures or basis.

Forward Cash Contract

Forward Cash Contracts allow the producer to lock in a cash grain price for a specific delivery date and location in the future. In addition, this contract is also preferred to lock in a crop selling price.

Price Later Contract

Price Later Contracts allow producers a high degree of price flexibility for an extended time period. A service charge may or may not be used during the marketing year. If a service charge is being used, a price increase must be expected to offset this expense.

Minimum/ Maximum Price Contract

Minimum and maximum price contracts are a very safe opportunity for the producer to participate in market movement for further profit. The producer should use when he anticipates a favorable market move that will enhance his base price but wants to market and lock in a minimum or maximum price.

Basis Contract

Basis contracts are similar to forward cash contracts in that they allow the producers to lock in a future delivery price, but only partially. The partially fixed price is basis: the difference between cash and futures; with the futures to be fixed at a later time.

Hedge To Arrive Contract

Hedge-to-arrive contracts are the reverse of a basis contract. Use this contract when futures are high and believe futures will drop and simultaneously basis is wide and should narrow.

Deferred Payment Contract

Deferred payment contracts are used to defer tax liability to another tax year. Please consult your tax accountant for proper application.

Average Price Contract

Average price contracts are used to even out the ups and downs of a volatile market. The producer commits a specific number of bushels to a location at harvest time, and an average futures price is created over the pricing period. The producer can set the basis at any time up until delivery. Contact a merchandiser for details and the deadline to enroll.


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