What is Propane?

Also called LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or LP gas, propane is a trusted and reliable energy source that is used by millions of Americans each day. It is considered a clean and efficient energy source. Country Visions' Propane Department has certified personnel for delivery and experienced technicians to provide full service for all your propane needs.

Do I need my own tank?

No, Country Visions has propane tanks available for lease in sizes from 120 gallons to 1000 gallons for a ONE-time tank lease fee of $9.95 + tax. If you have your own that works too! But if we were not the last one to fill your owned tank a safety & compliance test must be done.  

Do you fill smaller cylinders?

Yes! We fill cylinders from 20# to 100# and motor homes at our Country Store locations in Brillion, De Pere, Mishicot, New London, & Sheboygan Falls. Click here for more information about those locations. 

Do you have a delivery schedule?

We offer scheduled delivery for our propane customers. Drivers' schedules are created using a route system determined by heating degree days and delivery history to determine how much propane is in your tank and when you will need a delivery.

We encourage our customers to be on a scheduled delivery for your home heat as long as you have no alternation sources of heat, ultimately giving you uninterrupted service.

What if I use alternative sources of heat?

We strongly recommend that alternative fuel users (wood, pellets or geothermal), who use propane as a back-up, be on a "will call" fill status and notify us when a fill is needed. It is best to call when your tank is around 20% to 30%. Use of an alternative fuel distorts the factors on the routing system. Please contact us at (920)754-2240 if you have questions regarding "scheduled delivery" and "will call" or if you use an alternative heat source and would like to change to "will call".

Do you offer propane contracts?

Yes! Propane contracting is offered to lock-in your propane price during the heating season. Country Visions offers three types of contract options:

  1. 100% Prepay Contract: This is our most popular contract, but requires the contracted gallons to be paid in full before the due date. Any gallons delivered beyond the contract amount will be charged the truck price at the time of delivery. The contract runs August 1 through May 31. After May 31 any unused dollars will be applied as a credit to your account to be used for future purchases.
  2. 12-month Budget Contract: This contract allows for you to make twelve equal set monthly payments based off of your three-year average of gallons used. You will be charged the same price per gallon for all propane delivered within the full twelve months regardless if you use more or less than your contracted amount. The contract runs August 1 through July 31.
  3. 10 Cent Down Contract: This contract is normally used for farms or other larger accounts since all it takes to lock in the price is a deposit of $.10 per gallon of contracted propane. This deposit is applied as a credit on your account and may be used beginning February 1. After each fill, you will be billed out for the gallons delivered at the contracted price. Any gallons delivered beyond the contract amount will be charged the truck price at the time of delivery. The contract runs August 1 through May 31.

Your account must be in good and current standing along with a minimum usage of 400 gallons is required to contract propane. Give us a call at (920)754-2240 for more information.