Technology Inside AntlerMax® Diets

Feb 07, 2020

AntlerMax® Premium Deer Feeds are formulated to support every buck's genetic potential for antlers, optimal reproductive performance and milk production in does, and promote strong and healthy fawns.

AntlerMax® By-Pass Protein Technology

Developed in 1995 as an innovative first from Purina Animal Nutrition, AntlerMax® By-Pass Protein technology supports antler growth by optimizing protein quality. Protein in traditional deer feed is typically broken down by bacteria in the deer’s rumen and the deer digests the bacteria in its stomach. But the quality of the protein can be degraded by these bacteria, leaving lower quality amino acids available for antler growth.
AntlerMax® By-Pass Proteins are protected from being broken down by these bacteria. They "by-pass" the bacteria in the rumen, so the high-quality amino acids are digested in the small intestine, which can help the buck reach its genetic potential for antler growth. This is a more beneficial digestion process because it delivers a higher concentration of proteins to the growing antlers. 

AntlerMax® Mineral Technology

This proprietary technology provides an optimal nutritional mineral package for antler development. Proprietary concentrations and ratios of essential minerals, including chelated minerals, help maximize every buck’s genetic potential for antler growth while supporting reproductive performance in does and helping to produce strong, healthy fawns.

Purina® Climate Guard™ Supplement

Climatic stress events may pose a nutritional challenge to deer. These can negatively affect feed intake resulting in poorer body condition and antler growth in bucks and poorer body condition and reproduction in does. That’s why Purina® AntlerMax® deer feeds are formulated with our exclusive patent-pending Purina® Climate Guard™ supplement, which supports weight gain and body condition by supporting feeding during climatic stress events, such as heat stress.
  • A unique blend of plant extracts formulated to provide antioxidants that help support deer during climatic stress, such as hot weather.
  • High-quality ingredients that support rumen function, gut health, optimal nutrient utilization and digestibility of starch in the small intestine.
  • Helps support optimal feed intake during climatic stress events such as heat stress.
In general, strong body condition can help bucks achieve their genetic potential for antler growth and help does deliver fawns that achieve their genetic potential for size and weight. 

Regional AntlerMax® Deer Feed Formulations

Purina® AntlerMax® diets are regionally formulated based on our extensive deer liver research that highlights regional mineral deficiencies. Purina® AntlerMax® diets help meet these regionally focused deficiencies.
The unique combination of AntlerMax by-pass protein technology, mineral technology, Climate Guard™ supplement and regional formulations culminates in a premium feed designed specifically for deer to help every buck reach their genetic potential for antler growth while supporting reproductive performance in does and helping to produce strong, healthy fawns.
-----Purina Animal Nutrition LLC

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