Free Range Backyard Chickens, the Responsible Way

Apr 03, 2020

Raising chickens for eggs is a great way to produce sustainable food for you and your family. It’s a great feeling to have one less item on your grocery list. Plus, backyard chickens can work wonders for lawns and gardens.

They provide high-quality fertilizer, aerate the soil and love snacking on pesky insects. Let them roam and they’ll reward you for it.

Backyard flocks come in all shapes and sizes. No matter how much backyard space you have or the climate you live in, nothing should hold you back from giving your chickens a free-range diet they love.

Purina® Layena®+ Free Range Layer Feed is a high-quality chicken feed made from grains and nutrient-rich insect protein. What kind of insect, you ask? Black soldier fly larvae. 

A breakthrough in sustainable protein

Black soldier fly larva has intrigued scientists for decades, thanks to the insect’s ability to efficiently reclaim nutrients from once forgotten waste and transform them into high-quality protein. As these larvae grow into pupae—their final, adult stage—they feed on recycled grains and other waste, increasing their weight by a factor of 10,000. They grow quickly!

That kind of rapid growth reduces the amount of space and time needed to generate large amounts of protein. Once acre of land (43,560 square feet) can yield about 1,500 pounds of soy in one year. It takes only 65 square feet to produce the same amount of black soldier fly larvae in one year.
The innovative use of insect protein allows Purina to deliver resource-minded backyard chicken owners a nutritious layer feed.

Well-rounded chicken feed your flock will love

The chicken feed you provide your birds should contain all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and lay high-quality eggs.

Purina® Layena®+ Free Range Layer Feed is made with grains and insect protein that mimic a free-range diet for every laying hen – whether they roam in the yard or not. The feed’s well-rounded formula supports digestive health, bird immunity, feather coloring and yolk vibrancy.

Here’s more information about Purina® Layena®+ Free Range Layer Feed:
  • A complete chicken feed for both hens that free range and those that don’t
  • Includes all the nutrients hens need to lay their best eggs – no need to supplement
  • Combines ground grains and black soldier fly larvae to meet the nutrient demands of your flock
  • No added antibiotics or hormones
  • Requires less land per pound of protein than other common protein sources
  • Includes targeted amino acids, antioxidants, essential minerals, prebiotics and probiotics
  • Contains Purina’s exclusive Oyster Strong® System for strong shells
Cracking the code for stronger shells

For years, many chicken raisers have fed oyster shells in addition to their layer feed. Oyster shells or larger particle calcium allows the hen to use that source of calcium for longer periods of time so she doesn’t have to rely solely on her body stores of calcium to make strong eggshells. This helps to keep the hen’s bones stronger. With Purina® layer feeds, it’s all in one bag.

Along with all the benefits of a sustainable insect protein source, Purina® Layena®+ Free Range Layer Feed also includes the Oyster Strong® System, bringing a blend of oyster shells and key vitamins and minerals to every bite of this complete feed.

The best chicken feed for your backyard chickens

Purina® Layena®+ Free Range Layer Feed gives your chickens the free-range diet they deserve, no matter where you’re located or how much room they have to roam. And it’s produced with a sustainable protein source, just like the eggs that come from your backyard flock. After all, that’s what raising your own chickens is all about, right?

-----Purina Animal Nutrition LLC

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