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5 Ways to Melt the Ice

Jan 18, 2022

5 Ways to Melt the Ice

Has the ice been a problem for you and your animals? Here are some tips to keep your livestock safe and sound footed.
  1. Salt can be used in limited quantities because it can be harsh on animals’ hooves/feet. Salt would not be a good option for pastures because it is harmful to grass.
  2. Barn lime is a good option that is safe for animals but is slower at melting the ice than salt.
  3. Spreading old bedding/manure on icy areas will help melt the ice, create good footing and is safe for your animals.
  4. Ashes from a fireplace are a great option to melt the ice and cheap.
  5. Cat litter is also known for improving footing on ice, it is more expensive but very effective. 

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