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Dec 01, 2021

As we look back on a year filled with uncertainty, we notice that as producers; we are not phased by uncertainty. It surrounds us every day while producing a crop. Will it rain? How much will it rain? And what stage in the plants life all impact the outcome.

We had a great fall run on wheat seed. Looking over numbers, it appears that the number of acres planted this fall are close to the previous year. We also had a big season of cover crops this fall. It is amazing to see how much green is in the countryside. This shows the dedication producers have on water quality. As crops were harvested, drills were right behind the choppers and combines. The number of hours put in show how fast things can get done when you string 5 days of good weather together. Congratulations!!

Planting intentions are up in the air as the fertilizer and grain markets have changed along with the feed inventories that have been replenished on farms.

Enjoy the holiday’s and remember, it is never too early to plan for success.

Tim Pagel

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