Kolb Farms

Feb 01, 2019

Kolb Farms

Inspired by the four generations before him, Adam Kolb knew he wanted to be a farmer. He grew up surrounded by agriculture and developed an interest at a young age. He liked farming and wanted to see it stay in the family. Their farm in Cleveland, Wisconsin always had a Registered Jersey Herd and they raised hogs, but Adam knew that changes would be needed if he wanted to keep the farm in operation.

The first change came in 1999 when they stopped raising pigs. Just over a decade later in 2010, they got out of the dairy business. The focus for Adam would now be operating Kolb Farms as a Cash Crop and Custom Field Work business. Building the custom farming operation from the ground up took a lot of dedication, but has been a gratifying experience for him. Planting, baling and doing other field work fulfills his farming passion. He enjoys the nature of the work and takes a lot of pride from a job well done.

“Being that it is a smaller farm,” Adam stated, “I always look for different ways to diversify to stay competitive.” Trying to implement more double cropping and doing more with cover crops are some of the ‘difference makers’ he has adapted for his operation.

Adam and many of the farmers we talk with tell us their favorite part of the job is that it’s never the same routine each day. There are always different challenges or tasks that you have to face. They also often mention that they enjoy being outside, but Adam swayed a bit from everyone else with the weather experiences of this week still fresh in his mind. There was a smile as he added “most days” to his comment about liking to be outside.

Adam enjoys traveling, as well as collecting and restoring antiques, particularly farm memorabilia. He is part of the Sheboygan County Young Professionals Networking Group, on the Planning Commission for the Town of Meeme, and on the UW Ag Alumni Scholarship Board. Adam is employed as an Agronomist with Country Visions. His personal farming experience is a valuable asset when advising others about the products and services available from the Cooperative.

We are pleased to feature Adam for this week’s Farmer Friday. Thank you for allowing us to share your story. We wish you the best for continued growth and success in all you do!

#FarmerFriday ...post #107. To show our appreciation to our producer members Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday

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