Update Your Digital Farm for Spring

Mar 04, 2019

Update Your Digital Farm for Spring

Without a doubt, every year, cabs of farm equipment are filling up with more technology to display layers of information and fine-tune machinery operations. The picture above is becoming a more common view as agriculture continues to evolve at the light speed.

This year many farmers will be operating new monitors in tractors and combines, using them to plant, spray, sidedress, or harvest for the first time. For some this spring will be the first time with a monitor in a cab at all.
For many of us, using a new monitor can be intimidating. Unfortunately many have experienced less than stellar service from the dealer they purchased the equipment, sometimes not even being shown how to uses the new technology. Even when you do receive good support, the technology comes with a learning curve that will take some practice to become comfortable with.
Don’t panic! The Precision Ag Specialists at Country Visions can help guide you through the first steps to set up your digital farm for spring. Whether it is your first time or have been using the technology for years, we need to treat monitors and software like the rest of the hardware being used in the field by making sure everything is in working order for spring.
Every year field boundaries, field IDs, Rx prescriptions, and software accounts such as Climate FieldView & MyJohnDeere need to be verified and updated to avoid headaches when pulling into the field. Now is the time to make sure you are ready for spring by contacting your Country Visions Precision Ag Specialist. We will help update your digital field information, build seeding prescriptions, fertilizer prescriptions, and load them into your equipment monitors so you are ready to hit the ground running when spring breaks.
Don’t delay, just like the rest of your machinery your digital farm needs to be maintained! The Precision Ag Team is here to help you get the most out of the technology in your cab, and use the data you collect this season to learn and make decisions for the future.
Paul Roemer
Agronomist – Precision Ag Specialist

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