November Statement Advertising Insert

Nov 03, 2020

November Statement Advertising Insert
It’s November, and for the second year in a row, most of us are looking forward to this year coming to an end.  One year ago, many of you may remember the weather conditions that put us in the record books for all the wrong reasons.  Everyone just wanted to forget it and move on to 2020. No one at that time would have imagined what 2020 was about to introduce us to. In short, it was a whole new list of vocabulary words and what many would refer to as a “new normal” way of life.  It has been another year of unexpected challenges, but also an opportunity once again to learn, evaluate and work together in an effort to produce positive results. The Co-op’s dedicated team of employees have served the needs of members and customers throughout the pandemic’s...
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Sep 06, 2023
Find out about specials, promotions and events planned for September in this month's advertising flyer. The start of September brings the start of a new fiscal year for Country Visions Cooperative. We are looking forward to working together again with you, our members, as we head into our next fiscal year.
Aug 09, 2023
We thank you for putting your trust in our team at Country Visions Cooperative as they have stayed persistent and persevered to get the work done. We are excited for the future of our company and our ability to provide quality products, service and knowledge for our customers. It is the final month in the annual accounting period for our Cooperative and we are hopeful for a successful finish to our financial year.
Jul 07, 2023
Country Visions’ propane contracts for the 2023-2024 heating season were mailed out last week to customers who used propane in the previous season. We are just a few weeks into summer, but if you heat your home with propane, it's the perfect time to plan for the next heating season.