May Statement Advertising Insert

May 01, 2023

Country Visions will be mailing out patronage checks to the membership in early May. These checks will be based on profits generated by purchases from Country Visions and/or Country Visions grain purchases last fiscal year, which ended August 31, 2022. Over $6.6 million will be mailed out for the cash portion, along with an additional $10 million of equity being distributed to our member’s equity accounts. The equity portion is used by the Co-op to help finance operations and generally gets paid out 10-12 year from the date it is issued. Getting money back into the hands of our membership is the great benefit of our Cooperative system. Thank you for your patronage.

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Dec 01, 2023
Now that it is December, it feels like the Christmas and New Year’s holidays are approaching fast. Please be aware that you may experience limited staff and business hours for many locations from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day. Plan ahead for any business that you may need to conduct. 


Nov 02, 2023
November is National Gratitude Month! It’s the season for expressing our gratitude and thanks for the people and things we have in our lives. We express our gratitude to those who have served in the military and thank them for their service with Veterans Day on November 11th. 

Oct 03, 2023
Celebrated by cooperatives nationwide during the month of October, National Co-op Month is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of a trusted, proven way to do business and build resilient, inclusive communities. Under the theme, "Owning Our Identity," this year’s Co-op Month is also a chance to lift up what makes cooperative businesses unique in the marketplace.