Jesse Meulemans Named Plant Food Sales Manager

Oct 27, 2020

Jesse Meulemans Named Plant Food Sales Manager
Country Visions Cooperative is a farm supply cooperative serving northeastern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan. Country Visions’ recently named Vice President of Agronomy, Brian Madigan, is in the process of building a new agronomy leadership team. As part of that process, Brian and the Country Visions team would like to extend their congratulations to Jesse Meulemans, who has accepted the position of Plant Food Sales Manager. “Jesse’s vast experience in the business and his leadership demonstrated at the former Greenleaf and now Wrightstown plants will make a great combination to further service our Country Visions growers through his new role,” stated Madigan.    
As the Plant Food Sales Manager, Meulemans will be responsible for working with suppliers to purchase and set pricing for products at Country Visions eight agronomy locations. With the advances in technology and equipment, most growers can plant the majority of their crop in one week, if the weather cooperates. Keeping up with the demand, Country Visions has the capability to store larger volumes of products to keep fully stocked and ensure that product is provided to the customers promptly. Meulemans will manage purchases to align with that plan and will also oversee shipments via rail and/or truck. “Being part of the Country Visions Team is something I am very proud of,” Meulemans stated. “I am excited to take on this additional role as Plant Food Sales Manager and contribute to the growth and profitability for our growers and Country Visions.”
Jesse Meulemans was born and raised in Wrightstown, Wisconsin. Inspired by his experiences on his grandfather’s farm and working at New Horizons Dairy, he sought out a career in agriculture. While participating in the Wrightstown FFA, Meulemans landed a job at the local cooperative in 1987. He has worked in the agronomy industry for 33 years, with 18 of those years at Country Visions. He continues to play an active role in his community and is a longstanding member of the Morrison Lutheran Church.
Country Visions Cooperative offers a unique blend of agriculture and consumer-related products and services. In addition to Agronomy, the business includes Propane, Refined Fuels, and Grain divisions, with Convenience Stores, Country Stores, and quick food restaurants. Their corporate office is located in Reedsville, WI.

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