COVID-19 Business Update for Country Visions 4/3

Apr 03, 2020

COVID-19 Business Update for Country Visions 4/3
Dear Country Visions Cooperative Customers,

It is amazing how our lives have changed so much in such a short time. It has gone from canceling the NBA season as a start, all the way to the Governor’s “safer at home” order, shutting down all non-essential business in the state.  The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all of us to make adjustments in how we conduct ourselves and our business.
The goal for Country Visions is to continue to provide a work environment that is as safe as possible for our employees, their families, our customers and communities, while we continue to provide the products and services that are essential to our customers. We are here and ready to work diligently to meet your spring needs while following all of the CDC recommendations, as well as abiding by all orders and mandates that apply.
Country Visions has established many new daily practices at our business to protect our employees and customers. Some of the changes are as follows:
⦁ Our Cenex C-Stores and Country Stores are still open at this time, but the hours of operation have been reduced at most. Whenever possible both employees and members of the public are to be maintaining six-foot social distancing, including but not limited to when any customers are standing in line.
⦁ Restaurant seating areas are closed. Customers must order by phone or on-line for take-out, or use the drive-thru where available. No self-service food available.
⦁ Customer traffic to agronomy sites is limited and directed from outside the office. Please call ahead to make arrangements for pick-up or delivery of products.  This will allow time to get your products together and limit the number of people arriving at the same time.  
⦁ Drivers are limiting in-person contact and encouraged not to enter offices as much as possible. When making deliveries, they will be abiding by all social distancing directives and we ask cooperation from all customers to do the same.
⦁ Vender/outside salespeople are not allowed in offices.
⦁ Questionnaires are required for anyone needing access to office buildings.
⦁ Where appropriate, staff is working from home.
⦁ Salespeople are not soliciting off site.
⦁ Meetings have been cancelled, replaced with teleconferences when possible.
⦁ Staff members are cleaning sites on a regular basis. Some sites, every half hour.
⦁ Social distancing is being practiced at all sites.
I urge everyone to do your part to help suppress this virus. Follow the rules if you’re still working, when you’re at home, and when you need to take care of essential business.  We need to keep all employees healthy, both for our customers as spring arrives and for their personal family life. If we all work together, we will get through this. Thank you for your patience and working with us throughout these difficult times!

We are still open and with your cooperation, Country Visions will continue to work safely to provide the products and services that you need. If you have any questions, please call any location that you are working with.

Steve Zutz
President/CEO, Country Visions Cooperative
April 3, 2020

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