Country Visions and CHS Larsen Co-op's Precision Planting Agreement

Mar 23, 2020

Country Visions and CHS Larsen Co-op's Precision Planting

CHS Larsen Cooperative and Country Visions Cooperative have come to an agreement to join forces in offering Precision Planting products to their customers.  Country Visions will utilize CHS Larsen’s YieldPoint® team to help support the customers of Country Visions that currently purchase Precision Planting products.
CHS Larsen’s Cody Miller will lead the Precision Planting team, along with the support of Ryan Jones from CHS Larsen.  Chad Rataicheck from Country Visions’ Chilton location will continue as the lead technician and sales person for their Cooperative.  In addition, Country Visions has technicians Tyler Vogeler at Plymouth and Karl Peschke in Ripon, along with Shawn Wesener in Chilton to help service planters as part of the Precision Planting team. 
“With all the advancements in technology, the ability to be everything for everybody is becoming increasingly difficult.  The combination of equipment knowledge, along with technology, takes a team approach,” according to Brian Madigan, CVC Agronomy Sales Manager.  “Rather than duplicate the effort, we felt this was the best way to utilize existing employee assets.”
Billing of parts will come from the customer’s business of choice, allowing current customers to continue with the cooperative they have been working with. The most notable change will be the combination of additional team members to assist on sales calls and offering technical support.
Country Visions still maintains its Precision Planting Dealer certification; however, on its own would no longer qualify for “Premier Dealer” status. Country Visions didn’t want to lose the availability to bring higher end technologies like SmartFirmer, RowFlow and DeltaForce to their customers, so the agreement with CHS Larsen will give them that opportunity.  In the future, it may be possible to regain the status on their own, but only if they see it as a good business decision.
Country Visions has a Precision Planting mobile repair trailer that they will continue to utilize, along with keeping parts stocked in a limited basis in Chilton. “We will stock a ‘warranty bag’ of meter parts and many of the basic planter needs for our growers,” Brian said. “We will also be able to have parts direct shipped to our Country Visions locations when additional items are needed.”
This agreement between CHS Larsen Cooperative and Country Visions Cooperative is to support the technology investments of their customers with the Precision Planting products. Other agronomy products and services will continue to be provided by the individual Cooperatives and their Ag Centers.  
Country Visions Cooperative is a farm supply cooperative based in Reedsville, WI. Operating in eastern Wisconsin and in the UP of Michigan, Country Visions offers a unique blend of farm and agriculture related products and services including Agronomy, Propane, Refined Fuels, and Grain Divisions, with Convenience Stores, Country Stores and quick food restaurants.

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