CHS Larsen Cooperative Unites with Country Visions Cooperative

Dec 01, 2021

Brillion, WI – (December 1, 2021) Country Visions Cooperative is excited to announce that CHS Larsen Cooperative is now operating together with them as Country Visions. CHS Larsen was a local country operations division of CHS Inc. based in New London, Wisconsin, servicing northeast and central Wisconsin.  Country Visions Cooperative is a farm supply cooperative serving northeastern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan with their corporate office located in Brillion, WI. The CHS Inc. Board of Directors approved the business partnership with Country Visions and the final documents were completed for the unification to become effective on December 1, 2021.
“The Board of Directors, management and employees of Country Visions are excited to begin this new working relationship with the employees and customers of the former CHS Larsen Cooperative,” stated Steve Zutz, President/CEO of Country Visions. “I see this union benefiting all of us, from employees and customers, to the local communities. Our local cooperative system supports rural and urban townships and villages with employment, as well as products and services needed for farms, businesses and homes.”
The agreement between CHS Inc. and Country Visions will combine the CHS Larsen business with Country Visions enabling Country Visons to expand its trade territory both west and north of their current area. “Country Visions’ goal is to make the transition from CHS Larsen to Country Visions Cooperative as smooth and seamless as possible for members and employees,” according to Zutz. “The current local CHS Larsen team members will be employed by Country Visions ensuring continuity in service and relationships for local customers. Contact us, and your trusted staff that has served you over the years, will be ready and willing to help you with your needs.”
“As I have been working with employees at Country Visions, I have sensed their excitement about Larsen Co-op joining them,” said David Neal, GM of the former CHS Larsen Co-op. “Change can be difficult, but in this case, I see it as a positive step into the future.”
The acquisition includes agronomy, grain, feed and energy assets. “There are many synergies with the current business structure of our operations along with our common core principles,” said Zutz. “Consolidating these operations will help grow the business and strengthen our ability to continue to provide first class customer service. Country Visions is here to help.”
“In keeping with CHS values of cooperative spirit and integrity, we are pleased to see the business and assets remain in the cooperative system,” said Rick Dusek Executive Vice President of CHS Country Operations. “Country Visions is a well-known agriculture-based cooperative dedicated to service of its customers and owners while building long-term relationships.”
Country Visions Cooperative is a farm supply cooperative with their corporate office newly located in Brillion, WI. Serving northeastern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan from 28 business locations, Country Visions offers a unique blend of agriculture and consumer related products and services. The business includes Agronomy, Propane, Refined Fuels and Grain divisions, along with Country Stores, Convenience Stores, and quick food restaurants.
The CHS Larsen Cooperative ag retail business delivers agronomy, energy, grain and feed products and services to Wisconsin ag producers and other customers from eight locations in 22 counties. It was part of CHS Inc., a leading global agribusiness owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives across the United States.

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