October Store Spotlight

Oct 08, 2022

October Store Spotlight
The month of October brings us to our De Pere Store to meet Samantha a customer service representative.
She has lived in the farming community her entire life. For as long as she can remember her family has always worked and been a part of Country Visions Cooperative. Samantha works here part time when she is home on breaks from college. A fun fact about her is that she has not gone a year without breaking a bone since 8th grade. One of Samantha’s favorite things to do in her spare time is work out.
Her favorite product in the store is the STARBUCKS DOUBLE SHOT drink. Not all of our country stores have this beverage but have their own unique drinks for you to try.
Go check out the Country Visions Store in De Pere and get to know them. Watch for the next STORE SPOTLIGHT in November!

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