How to Increase Organic Matter Levels in Soil

Mar 01, 2022

How to Increase Organic Matter Levels in Soil
  1. Reduce or eliminate tillage. Tillage improves the aeration of the soil and causes a flush of microbial activity that increases the speed of decomposition of organic matter. The incorporation of oxygen into the soil essentially helps to ignite and burn the organic matter like a fire burns wood.
  2. Reduce soil erosion. Most of the organic matter in a soil is in the topsoil. When soil erodes, organic matter goes with it. Saving soil and organic matter go hand and hand.
  3. Fertilize Properly. Proper fertilization encourages growth of plants, which increases root growth. Increased root growth can help build or maintain soil organic matter, even if much of the top growth is removed.
  4. Cover crops can help build or maintain soil organic matter. The best results are achieved if growing cover crops are combined with a reduction in tillage practices.

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