Tanner Hanson & Norman

Aug 29, 2019

Fair Project Friday

Tanner Hanson has been showing swine the whole 7 years that he has been involved in Brillion FFA Chapter and the New Horizons 4-H club. This year’s pig he named Norman and his brother is showing Nobby. He has been involved in a number of other projects in the past, including dairy, wood working, building, metal work, and even entered a pie for a baking project.

What does a pig give to you for your birthday? Hogs and kisses. That is exactly what Tanner’s market hog, Norman, likes to do. “He licks a lot,” Tanner said. You probably won’t get hugs from this lazy pig though, “Norman sleeps and lays where he wants until there is food.”

Without Tanner’s friend Tyler Schmidt’s influence to join, he never would have known of all the enjoyable times and memories that being in FFA and 4-H could bring for you. Being part of something bigger than yourself, should be a goal for everyone. It can help you to become the person you are meant to be and help you to learn something new and interesting. Tanner has learned so much by being involved in the swine project and not just about the project, but also about life. Working with animals has taught him to have patience, problem solve in a calm and collect manner, and how to adjust to new things.

The fair brings excitements and challenges of its own. Tanner’s favorite part about bringing his projects to the fair is the showmanship class. During the showmanship, unlike all the other classes, this class is all about the exhibitor who is handling the animal. The purpose and challenge of this class is to see who can present an animal to its best advantage while having knowledge and complete control of that animal. Friday morning Tanner will be showing his market hog, Norman, at the Calumet County Fair which runs August 30th- September 2nd. Good luck!

#FairProjectFriday...post #22... To show our support to the next generation of agriculture, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of youth and their fair projects each Friday.

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Aug 22, 2019
One way to tell if a cow will be an exceptional show project is if she’s outstanding in her field! Parker & Kyra Glander have been working hard with their exceptional dairy animals along with various other fair projects including poultry, wood working, crops, arts & crafts, and photography. Parker has been showing dairy for 7 years. This year he will be bringing his cow named Danica, which he describes as being spunky and a good challenge.
Aug 15, 2019
Tyler Schmidt might be able to help you out with that question, with being involved in the swine project for 9 years. Along with the swine project, he has been involved in dairy, wood working, archery, arts & crafts, and baking projects. His market hog this year is named Tub. “He is a very shy pig,” Tyler said, “but when it comes to new adventures, he is up for anything.” 
Aug 01, 2019
Alex Gruber is EGGxcited to show off his meat poultry and goat projects this year at the Calumet County Fair. He has been involved in both these projects for 3 years and his 4-H club, the Chilton Tip Top 4-H Club of Calumet County 4-H, for 4.