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Fair Project Friday


Cami Guelig loves to see the reaction from people when they see “The Big Guy”. Cami will be participating in the Poultry division at the Fond du Lac County Fair. The Guelig’s do their own breeding and their flock includes Blue Ameraucanas, Black Australorps, and Buff Orpingtons. They enjoy raising the larger bird breeds instead of the smaller size breeds. Her family will bring 8 to 10 of their chickens to the fair, but her favorite “guy” definitely attracts a lot of attention.

Cami started showing chickens 7 years ago as the result of a negotiation between her and her dad. She was 9 years old and had been involved with gymnastics for 6 years. Her dad wanted her to give that up and convinced her to quit by getting her chickens. Cami then joined the Calumet 4H Club of Fond du Lac County and got her start doing Poultry Projects. She is now also a member of the New Holstein FFA Chapter.

To get ready to show at the fair they have to make sure they have all the required things, bathe the birds, then put Vaseline on their combs and feet to give them a cleaner and brighter appearance for the fair judging and it can also protect those sensitive areas. “A lot of work goes into getting a project ready for the fair,” Cami said, “but it teaches responsibility. I have also learned leadership skills from showing people how to do things. It is a very interactive experience and it is really good for your future to be involved.”

Cami’s favorite part of the fair is hanging out with everyone each night and walking around with her dad through the barns to check out what is going on. “We love cruising the barns and talking to people. I get to meet a lot of nice people that way,” she said. “I like the poultry friends we have made.” She enjoys how everyone works together getting the barns set up and ready and appreciates the opportunity to help the younger people.

Cami will be showing on Friday during the Fond du lac County Fair. She would love to see people come and show their support. “We have an auction every year,” she said. “When more people come and bid, it gets the prices up; 90% goes towards my project and 10% goes to scholarships.”

Good Luck, Cami!

#FairProjectFriday...post #7... To show our support to the next generation of agriculture, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of youth and their fair projects each Friday.

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