TMH Cattle

Farming is a family tradition for Tim Horsch, but he is the first generation of his family to focus their operation on raising beef cattle. TMH Cattle is located in the small rural community of Marytown, Wisconsin. The beef cattle operation involves both show genetics and production. Many of their cattle are Simmental, but they also have some commercial stock. Excitement over finding out what you have, makes calving season Tim’s favorite part of his operation. “Our genetics are to a point where we are impressed,” he said. They have started to promote their cattle more and have been selling to youth and 4-H kids to raise for fairs and shows.

Tim has fond memories of what it was like for him as a kid during fair season. “I used to wear a cow costume when I showed at county fair,” he said. Tim is not giving fashion advice to the kids that purchase his cattle, but does relate to the work that they will have to put in to get their project ‘show ready’. “A lot goes into it, but it helped instill a good work ethic. We had to be dedicated to breaking (halter training) the cattle and getting them ready for the show ring. We’d be up early getting things ready, but those were just fun times,” Tim said. “Going to the state and county fair was our summer vacation.”

Tim is a lieutenant on the Town of Calumet Volunteer Fire Department, which covers territory in northeastern Fond du Lac and southwestern Calumet Counties.

Growing up, agriculture was just a part of his everyday life. Now Tim sees the bigger picture. “Agriculture is the life-line of the entire world,” he stated. “People can’t live without food.”

Thank you to Tim for sharing his story as our Farmer Friday this week and the inspiration you give to the kids wanting to be in the show ring. I am guessing that there are several people who are curious about that cow costume you mentioned. Good luck to you for continued success!

#FarmerFriday #83. To show our appreciation to our producer members Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday