Thull Farms, LLC

“I always looked at being a farmer as a job that could give a family stability and a great way to raise kids,” Randy Thull said. “I wanted to be able to continue to do that!” Randy, along with his dad, Ralph are owners of Thull Farms, LLC, a Dairy and Beef operation in the south-eastern Wisconsin community of Kewaskum. Randy said that having the same passion is why the partnership with his dad works. “It’s great working together with someone that has the same interest and desire for success as yourself.”

It is not just the love of farming that has been handed down for generations in the Thull family, it is also the love of POLKA music. Randy Thull is a 5th Generation Farmer and a 3rd Generation Polka Performer. A visit to the farm might start out with a conversation about how Randy enjoys working with the animals. He might take you through the whole process of watching the calves grow up and then becoming a milk cow. He would demonstrate how the robotic milking system operates. Then there could be a spur-of-the-moment polka dancing lesson. Wait! What?

Randy and his, wife, Ashley, teach polka dancing. Randy said he did teach a guy from Chicago in the barn, but the cows are not always the audience that gets to see their performance. The couple gives dancing lessons and perform where ever they are called. For example; Randy and Ashley taught lessons twice on a cruise ship in the Caribbean and they have been giving polka lessons for the past 5 years in Oregon at a festival. You can read more about their dancing skills at

Family, farming and music all come together in Randy’s community involvements. He works with kids at his church where his children Ryan (10), Ashlyn (9), Angelena (5) & Reeve (will be 3 in June) can also get involved. The youth music ministry at St. Michael’s is a perfect fit for Randy to share his musical talent. He is also a Director on the Farm Bureau Board of Washington County.

Thank you to Randy for sharing his story for this week’s Farmer Friday post. We love to hear why our members stay committed to farming and where it all started. Finding out about some unexpected talents along the way, is a fun bonus. Best wishes to you, your family, and for continued success at Thull Farms, LLC!

#FarmerFriday #67. To show our appreciation to our producer members Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday