Teunissen Custom Heifers, LLC

It is the accomplishment at the end of the day and the results at the end of the season that Dan Teunissen looks forward to at Teunissen Custom Heifers, LLC in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin. “You can look back and see what you have done. See where you are today. Did we reach our goal or did we surpass it?” These are some of the things on Dan’s mind while he goes about his daily chores on the farm or sits down to talk with his wife, Kathy, when she gets home from her job at Lakeside Foods.

Custom Raising Heifers and Feeder Cattle and growing Cash Crops are all a part of the Teunissen’s operation. Dan and his brother, Rob, along with their cousin, Paul, are all members of the LLC. Working in agriculture and operating a farm is all Dan has known. He appreciates that it is a business that gives him the opportunity to work with family. They spend long hours together, but there are a lot of benefits. Most recently, watching the next generation step into leadership roles has been incredible for Dan to see. As the 4th generation of the family to be working on the farm, Dan’s daughter, Ashley, his son, Tony, and his nephew, Josh, are all taking on new responsibilities to help build on the strength of the family operation.

“When I was 15, I was very involved with Dairy in 4-H,” Dan shared. “I got my first calf from Bonoffs. It was a herd builder calf through the herd builder program in 4-H.” As he got older his plans got bigger. He wanted a total registered herd of cattle. They did make it to half registered at one time before giving up the milking cows in 2008. That was when they transitioned to raising heifers. The young stock the Teunissens raise arrive at their farm usually within 24 hours of being born. The operation is shifting more to the feeder market now and they already supply calves to 4 states; Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Considering his hobbies and community involvement, setting and accomplishing goals and evaluating the results at the end of the season is not limited to the farming operation for Dan. He is enthusiastic about hunting and the family’s racing team. “Whatever you can hunt with dogs, we’re doing it,” Dan said, “bear, coon, coyotes, and even bobcats.” The family has a sprint car race team. They compete in races at Plymouth, Beaver Dam, and whenever or wherever it fits in their schedule. Dan is very involved with his church, First Reformed of Cedar Grove. He is also a member of the Board for the Town of Holland in Sheboygan County serving as Chairperson of the Board of Appeals, served on the Planning Commission and is involved with the Belgium/Holland Drainage District.

It is impressive to see how much Dan enjoys working with family, taking care of the cattle, and caring for their land. Best wishes to Dan and family and the success of their farming operation. Thank you for your patronage at Country Visions and for sharing your story as this week’s Farmer Friday.

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