Sundance Farm

Many little girls have dreams of owning a horse someday, but in the case of Kelly Mahloch, she was very serious about her plans for her future. When she was about 12 years old, Kelly decided she was going to be a horse trainer and riding instructor. It seemed like the perfect choice for the young girl who had a horse since she was 6. Her dream came true with Sundance Farm in Plymouth, Wisconsin. It is operated by Steve & Kelly Mahloch and Lucas & Ali Kuhn. The farm business includes riding lessons, horse boarding, and training facilities. It is a year-round facility with a large indoor arena and heated barns. They are fortunate to continue jump courses in the winter because it can be indoors. They also operate as a camp ground. The riding instruction is Kelly’s favorite and getting the horses conditioned comes in as a close second. “I love being outdoors, working with horses, teaching and passing on my horse experience,” Kelly said. 

Kelly’s husband, Steve, grew up as a dairy farmer, so she isn’t alone in her passion for agriculture. It is evident in the teaching that is provided in what she calls their ‘outdoor classroom’. “Agriculture is a way of life, it is an appreciation for what God has provided on this planet for us,” Kelly said. “Everything is here, we just have to manage it and appreciate it.” She really believes that farming has made a difference in their life. “First and foremost, the farm gave my kids a great learning opportunity,” she stated, “teaching them to be adults, take on responsibility, empathy, hard work, thoroughness, and team work. Second, we have provided the opportunity for a lot of children and adults to get into the rural area and experience agriculture – everything from making hay to building fence.” 

Kelly participates in equestrian competitions with her own horse, competing in Eventing. She does a lot of work with the 4-H and Pony Project, served 3 terms as Sheboygan County 4-H Horse & Pony Project Chairperson, County Mounties 4-H Club – horse leader and does many educational events in the horse community. Kelly was in charge of Horseless Horse Project, a program that helps kids without horses show horses, and was County English Drill Team Coach. She does take a few breaks and enjoys gardening and reading. They also go camping.

Thank you to Kelly for sharing your story for this week’s Farmer Friday. Your message about agriculture is filled with passion and a love for what you do. We wish you, your family and your operation the best for a successful and long future to continue sharing your inspiration! 

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