Steve Abel


Abel Dairy Farms in Eden, WI can trace its heritage back to 1857 and the family traditions of 6 generations of farmers. Steve Abel didn’t set out to continue his families farming legacy, but eventually one thing kind of lead to another for him. His wife grew up on a farm and when her neighbor’s farm went up for sale, they decided to purchase it. Then when his father wanted to expand his operation, they decided to merge both his family’s farm and his father’s farm together, creating the Abel Dairy Farms we know today! 

A small amount of cash crop business along with the large dairy operation is run by Steve, along with his father, Allen, and his brother, Bill. “We enjoy being part of the process of modern agriculture,” Steve said. In addition, being a part of the food chain, being able to support others and have quality milk to give to the community conveys the importance agriculture has in his life.

Steve finds joy in being a farmer. “The variation of working in all aspects of the farm, the hands on, but also the business side, I love that every day is different,” he said. “We are right next to the village of Eden [in Fond du Lac County] and we are able to maintain a wonderful working relationship with the community. We are also very involved within our community,” Steve added. “My dad is an accessor for the town of Eden, I am a Fond du Lac County Supervisor, and my brother is on the Eden Village Board.” 

What does Steve like to do outside of farming and his community involvement? That time is spent with his family and it just might include some golfing or boating if the weather is right. 

Thank you to Steve and the family of Abel Dairy Farms for participating in our Farmer Friday feature. Country Visions appreciates your business and wishes you continued success!

Farmer #12. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday.