Schraufnagel Farms


Leo and Roseann Schraufnagel have a Cash Grain Operation in Lomira, Wisconsin, which is in Dodge County. Their family farm has been passed down for four generations and was originally operated as a dairy. After having the cows be the focus for 47 years, switching to all cash crops was a big change to their operation. Leo discovered a new enjoyment though in growing the crops. “You gothrough all the work and effort, then you get to see them pop out of the ground,” he said. “I’ve always been committed to doing the work to keep the farm going. Seeing the beginning of that crop sprout through the ground makes be proud.”

It is all he has really ever known, farming is in his blood. “We worked seven days a week, all year long, and we never thought much about it,” Leo said. “Farming is a career of devotion; people needed us and relied on us to do it.” So, it is not a huge surprise to hear that for Leo & Roseann it was 29 years after they got married that they took their first ever vacation. That first trip was to Duluth, MN. The Schraufnagel’s never hired any full-time helpers, just an occasional relief milker, so the getaway opportunity didn’t really exist while dairy farming. Leo’s favorite trip was to Niagara Falls 18 years ago. The longest trip they took was 11 days after they sold the cows and they drove it all.

Farming was a pretty simple decision for Leo. “I just liked it,” he said, “I loved the fresh air.” Leo and Roseann have 2 grandchildren, aged 10 and 3, and one on the way. They will have to wait and see if any of them have farming in their blood, like their grandpa does, and want to continue the family operation.

Schraufnagel Farms has benefitted from the dedication and commitment that Leo has for farming. He also has displayed these same qualities as a member of the Knowles Volunteer Fire Department and was recently recognized for his 30 years of service.

Thank you to Leo and Roseann for kicking off our 2nd year of Farmer Friday with their story. Take pride in what you have already accomplished and look forward to more successes (and vacations) in your future!

Farmer #53. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday