Obry's 5th Generation Dairy


Bob and Deb Obry are the owners of Obry’s 5th Generation Dairy in the township of West Kewaunee, Wisconsin. The homestead dates back to 1863 when Peter Keup purchased the farm buildings and 120 acres for $100 to establish the family farm. It stayed with the Keup family name until Bob’s mother, Helen (Keup), and her husband Raymond Obry acquired the farm. Helen’s brother, Herbert, died as an infant, so she was the one to take over the farm from her parents and keep it in the family. In 1989, Bob and Deb became the owners and this dairy and grain operation was named the 5th Generation Dairy.

The importance of family, heritage and history is very evident on this farm owned by Bob and Deb. Their granddaughters, Kaley and Ali along with Bob’s brother, Gene joined them for this photo. They also had a blanket made from Bob and Gene’s grandfather’s favorite horse from the early 1900’s that has been a part of their family’s legacy.

Bob was number 8 in a family of 12 kids and his help was needed on the farm while he was growing up. He tested out a few other options for his future career including driving a pea combine for 7 (harvest) seasons and an ambition to be a math teacher, but in the end, it all came back to carrying on the family tradition. Seeing a new calf be born, seed emerging from the ground...this regeneration of life is what Bob enjoys now. He has variety in every day and pride from his achievements. Shipping milk on his own for 26 years and receiving 13 quality awards are some of his successes. “I am fortunate to have my brother, Gene, and his son BJ come to help often.” Bob said. “My brother, Merlin, farms to the north of me and we help each other out, too.” Therefore, they can get the work done with a small number of employees.

Everyone needs a getaway from work some days and for Bob it’s no different. It’s possible you might catch a glimpse of him out on his boat on Lake Michigan hoping to land a salmon.  

This has been a wonderful history lesson for this week’s feature. Thank you to the Obry Family for sharing their story. We wish the best for your family and your farm to keep it going for more generations. Congratulations on your accomplishments! 

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