Nathan Schnell

Nathan Schnell believes farming has a lot to do with knowledge you gain from the experiences of the previous generations. The Schnell Family currently grow forage cash crops and raise 4-H Show Pigs on Meadow Brook Farms located in the Town of Brillion, Calumet County, Wisconsin. On this 3rd generation farm, Nathan is joined by his parents, Mark and Linda Schnell, his wife, Katie and their children, Natalie (8), Claire (7), and John (4). His siblings, Naomi, Russell and Tara no longer farm, but Nathan wanted to include them, saying that they are all blessed by the many sacrifices their parents had to make to see the farm develop into what it is today. 

Growing up in the farming industry, Nathan got involved in his youth making small bales. It was in 1998 that they got rid of the cows and went full time cash crop. He feels to make it in the industry today, that it’s a mixture of luck and what the last generation has built up for you. From his own experience, he sees the benefits of having your kids involved in the operation while you are still around to help guide them. 

Nathan enjoys agriculture and working with many people in making forage, he enjoys being diversified. He said, “a unique feature of our operation is that we do a lot of grid tiling.” Both Nathan and his wife have jobs off the farm. He is a full-time semi driver, so he is thankful to have lots of great neighbors and family members that are always willing to help out.

The Schnell’s also see the importance of being involved with their community. Nathan is a Church Trustee and a member of the Forest Junction Fire Department. His wife and father are First Responders for the Town of Brillion and Katie is on the Board for the White Oak Chapel in Forest Junction. Nathan and Katie also take time for some fun family getaways with trips to the cottage up north, with his parents.

Thank you for sharing your story for our Farmer Friday, Nathan. Best wishes as you share your knowledge and experiences with the next generation of farmers.

Farmer #23. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday.