N&M Laudolff LLC

Farming, running a business, family… “It gets really complicated, it’s like doing a balancing act.” Those are the words of Nick Laudolff, who along with his wife, Marcey, operate N&M Laudolff, LLC. a Cash Crop operation in Eden, WI. Nick refers to farming as kind of his hobby or ‘side job’ considering he has a full-time septic business that he also runs. “I am my own boss,” he said, “it can be stressful, but I don’t have to answer to anyone.” Laudolff Septic Services, LLC is his septic business.

Nick enjoyed helping out on his relative’s farm when he was a kid. His interest in farming stayed with him as he grew up and he continued to help out his grandparents and uncle. “The farm that my great-grandfather farmed was right down the road,” Nick said. “He had Brown Swiss cows.” It all started to change on the farm when his uncle had an accident in the ‘90s. “The cows were sold,” Nick said. “My father bought the farm and he started Cash Cropping with the land.” Nick went on to take the Ag Short Course in ’98. About eight or nine years ago, he started running the operation himself.

Outside of his complicated work schedule, Nick enjoys shooting trap and he is a First Responder for Eden.

Thank you to Nick for sharing his story for this week’s Farmer Friday. We wish the best to you and Marcey as you continue to sustain your balancing act. Good luck for continued success!

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