Matthew & Nichole Kiekhaefer


Matthew and Nichole Kiekhaefer are the owners of Dreamin Blu Holsteins in Greenleaf, Wisconsin. On this 3rd generation dairy farm is where they raise their children Amalee Schema, Ethan Schema, Adalyn and Ivy Kiekhaefer. Matthew is proud that they can raise the next generation of family on this dairy farm where he grew up, but he also enjoys having generations of calves here. That count is currently at 4.

“Raised doing it, grew up loving it, and it makes America stronger as a nation, allowing us to feed ourselves,” that is how the Kiekhaefers expressed the importance of agriculture in their lives. They have a passion for farming that shows in the quality of food and product they put out into the world. 
What makes Dreamin Blu Holsteins unique? Nichole actually runs most of the place with her father-in-law, since Matthew has a full-time job with Caterpillar. Matthew said. “Many people don’t seem to get along with their in-laws like Nichole does, so their relationship is what is unique about our farm.” Adding a little fun fact... There is also a unique link to Nichole’s family; a shared wedding date. Nichole’s grandparents were married June 28, 1958, her parents were married on June 28, 1980 and Nichole and Matthew were married June 28, 2013. 

Making time to participate with 4-H, Church, and sports keeps this family on the go, but gives them a connection with their community that they enjoy.
Thank you to the Kiekhaefers for sharing their story with us as our Farmer Friday. The importance of agriculture is best expressed by our member owners and we appreciate being allowed to share that message. Best wishes to their family!

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