Mark & Maxine Hahn

Mark & Maxine Hahn are 3rd generation Dairy Farmers from Campbellsport, Wisconsin. Mark grew up here in this Fond du Lac County community. He went to work in a factory for a while and was in the army for a while, but the entire time he knew he wanted to be farming. Now he knows he has found his “place”. It is a dairy farm, with a little cash crop business, some dairy beef business, and a wife who enjoys it as much as he does. They each have their main responsibilities as part of the operation. Mark’s focus is on feeding the cattle and doing field work. Maxine takes care of the calves and does most of the milking. Mark said that his favorite thing to do on the farm is milking the cows, so we will assume that Maxine lets him help out with that chore sometimes.

This husband and wife team have been working together for over 30 years. How is it to be working with his wife to run this farming operation? “We just know what the other one is going to do,” Mark said. “We can rely on each other to get the work done.” The responsibility to get that work done is left mostly in the hands of Mark and Maxine. They have two brothers and another retired man that come and help sometimes, but otherwise, it is up to them. 

Marks response regarding the importance of agriculture got right to the point. “How are the people going to eat if you don’t have agriculture?” he said. Taking care of one of the basic needs of our country by producing food is what is important to Mark and Maxine Hahn. Farming takes up a lot of their time, so the Hahns said they don’t really have hobbies outside of farming. 

Sharing the pride of our agriculture communities is an important ingredient to the recipe needed for continued success for those in the farming industry. Thank you to the Hahns for participating in our Farmer Friday stories. We wish you many more years of success and happiness working together!

Farmer #56. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday.