Kumrow Family Farm

Jerry Kumrow and his wife, Cheri, are the first generation of their family to farm at their location in Adell, Wisconsin. It started with the purchase of a building and just 5 acres of land. That was back in 1980 and Kumrow Family Farms has increased from that modest beginning into their current Cash Crop and Steer operation in this Sheboygan County community. Jerry worked on farms as he was growing up. It was appealing to him to be outside and working with the land, equipment and animals. His grandparents on both sides had farms, but he was too young to take over when those opportunities arose.

Along with their son, Gary, the Kumrow’s are doing their best with their operation to help in the efforts to feed the country and the world. “It’s nice being able to pull together as a family to get the job done,” Jerry said. “It’s the way I grew up and farming is a way of life I enjoy.” Working the land is one of Jerry’s favorite things to do, but it’s the variety involved in every day that he really appreciates. “I enjoy doing a little of everything,” he said. Unique to their operation is that they still do moldboard plowing. It’s an effort to keep disease pressure down, but it is undeniably time-consuming.

Farming is not the only occupation for this husband and wife, they both drive milk trucks, too. “We have his and hers,” Jerry kidded. Farming and driving milk truck take up 7 days a week for Jerry and Cheri. That does not allow a whole lot of time to do anything else, but Cheri does make time to be involved with the local 4-H. She is co-general leader of the Scott Pioneers 4-H group.

Thank you to Jerry for taking time out of his busy day to share his story for our Farmer Friday message this week. Your passion for agriculture is evident in what you do. We wish the best to you and your family including continued success for your farm and your business!

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