Kohlman Land & Livestock

Chad and Joy Kohlman own Kohlman Land & Livestock in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, along with Joy’s parents, Wade and Gail Kleinhans. The century old farm, previously run as a Dairy Farm, is now a Cash Crop & Sheep Production operation. There is no denying the family members at this farm love what they do. Chad has always had a passion for livestock and enjoys watching the impact it has on their children; Isaac, Cora, Sadie, and Luc. “It is inspiring to want to do things right and to teach the next generation,” Chad said, “like Joy’s dad has done with me for many years.” 

It is very clear that the whole family has a passion for agriculture. Joy’s heart is filled with pride and emotion when she sees her father, her husband and her children all being a part of the farm operations. “I think my dad really gets a kick out of it, too,” she said.

Sheep production was inspired by Chad’s older brothers. He watched how they did it and it was something that he was attracted to right from the beginning. He has enjoyed raising sheep from then on. It has led to being on the Sheboygan County Meat Animal Sale Committee, coaching the Sheboygan County 4H Livestock judging team, and being on the Board of the Wisconsin Southdown Association. (The Southdown is a purebred sheep breed.) Joy is on the Sheboygan County Livestock Committee.

The Kohlman family is really dedicated to their sheep. It’s not a trip to one of those well-known parks for this family, instead they spend vacation time going to sheep shows and attending area County Fairs. 

Chad also works for Chappa Construction. People ask him how he enjoys having to put in all the hours with going home from work and working on the farm. “I tell them I just have a passion for it,” he said. “I like all of it.” He likes field work and working with the animals. He even loves farming in the winter, because that is when the lambs are being born. 

Chad and Joy enjoy watching their kids play sports. Joy coaches softball, soccer, and volleyball.

You might say it is with sheer (or shear) happiness that we get to share the Kohlman’s story for this week’s Farmer Friday. The message of family and the love for what they do was evident throughout the story. Thank you to Chad, Joy and the entire family! Our best wishes to all of you and your operation!

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