K&K Homestead

John and Brooke Kraus are the owners of K&K Homestead in Malone, Wisconsin. They represent the 6th generation of a family that started their farming legacy in 1872. Farming just seemed to be the “right fit” for John after school. John and Brooke took over the farm in 2009. 

K&K Homestead is a Dairy and Crop operation. John said he switched to a compost barn system in 2010. He likes the efficiency of it and the improved cow comfort. John’s favorite part of his job is milking the cows, so accordingly their comfort and care is one of his top priorities. 

“It is important in agriculture to have great and true representatives of where your food comes from,” according to John. He benefited from the opportunity to grow up on a farm with wonderful role models for the industry. “Being able to work alongside my mom and dad and now being able to raise my children in the same environment has been a very powerful experience for me,” he said. “You share the rewards of hard work together, instead of by yourself, when you work with family.”

John and Brooke’s children keep them pretty busy. They have 6 kids, including 2 sets of twins. The kids enjoy being a part of the farm and they are also heavily involved in sports. Their active schedules of work, school and sports fill up their days, so there isn’t much of a chance for additional hobbies and affiliations right now. 

Thank you to John for sharing the story of his family farm for this week’s Farmer Friday. It sounds like he has a passion for both farming and family. Best wishes for a successful future for John, Brooke, their children and K&K Homestead! 

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