Josh Hiemstra


In Brandon, WI, Josh Hiemstra is continuing a family tradition of farming. “It is the foundation of life, it’s the food production and what this country is built off of,” Josh said. It has been 3 generations of the family building up Hiemstra Dairy, LLC in this Fond du Lac County community. Working along with his wife, Bobbie, and his father, Robert, they manage the operations of this Dairy, Grain and Beef farm.

Josh said they like to do OLD SCHOOL in a NEW WAY on their farm. “We still use tower silos and milk twice a day,” he said. They have also discovered new benefits of the old idea of cover crops and love using them.

Educating people on the importance of agriculture is fun for Josh. He speaks from experience, since farming is what he knows and lives every day. Seeing how their hard work pays off during harvest season is one of his favorite parts of the business. He will tell you it is a great way to make a living and raise a family. His daughter is into ice skating and his son plays, football, baseball and basketball. Most times, he has the flexibility to arrange his schedule to be there to watch and support his children and their activities. He also belongs to an FFA Alumni Association, the Fond du Lac County Citizen Advisory and was a former church council member.

Best wishes to Josh and the Hiemstra Dairy family as you continue to take pride in producing food for consumers. Thank you for sharing your message with our Farmer Friday readers and for being a member of Country Visions Cooperative.

Farmer #20. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday.