Johnson Hill Farms LLC



Seeing all your hard work pay off, producing a good product and growing good crops. This is what you will hear If you ask Craig Johnson what makes him proud to be a farmer. “Farming is becoming more and more rare, you see fewer farms nowadays,” he said. “People don’t really understand the ‘behind the scenes’ to farming and I’m lucky enough to do that.” Craig is a member of Johnson Hill Farms LLC, located in Valders, WI in Manitowoc County. This is a family run Dairy Farm now in its 6th generation with Keith, Craig and Kenny Johnson taking on the daily operations. 

“It’s great working with family and the animals,” Craig Johnson said. Working with the animals and employees, along with being his own boss are his favorite things about farming. Those are actually some of the same things that made him decide that agriculture would be what he selected as a career. He enjoys being a part of a family operation and the independence to work at his own pace, along with being able to be outdoors with nature. “I get to help feed the world,” Craig said about agriculture. “It’s putting food on the table.” 

Having a fondness for being outdoors with nature and the advantage of being your own boss work well for Craig to enjoy his hobbies. He can adjust his schedule to make time to go hunting or hit the open road on his motorcycle.

The Johnson’s have worked over the years on modernizing the old styles and setups on their farm. This has evolved into being very aggressive in expansion projects with the technology and design of their farming operation. Growing your business to be successful and help others succeed is important to Country Visions Cooperative. It is exciting to see the same philosophy expressed by our member owners. Thank you to Craig and Johnson Hill Farms for being our Farmer Friday this week. We wish you the best!

Farmer #33. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday