John and Josh O’Hearn

The family homestead of O’Hearn Irish Dairy was established in 1888 in Maple Grove, WI, a small town located in Manitowoc County. The dairy now involves the 5th generation of the O’Hearn family, John and Josh, who operate the farm along with their mom, Diane, and uncle, Jim.

“We want to farm.” That is what the boys told their mom, when at the ages of 13 & 17 their father passed away and she was faced with the challenge of what to do with the farming operation. So, Diane quit her job as a nurse and helped the boys pursue the dream for their future. They are extremely grateful for family, friends and the community that pitched in to help. Today, they are able to work alongside family and find value in what they are doing as part of the agriculture community. 

John and Josh like being problem solvers faced with the daily chore of finding solutions to challenges in agriculture. The fact that each day is a new day with different experiences and tasks makes farming enjoyable.

FUN FACT: John is in a band and can play multiple different instruments.

Thank you to the family of O’Hearn Irish Dairy for participating in Farmer Friday! We wish you continued success!

Farmer #8. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday.