Jerry Grotenhuis

“I love the smell of the earth in the spring!” That is a statement by a man who was destined to become a farmer, but Jerry Grotenhuis didn’t follow a traditional path to become one.

Jerry and Laurie Grotenhuis got married in August of 1972 and lived in an apartment in Oostburg, Wisconsin. In November of that year, Jerry decided that he should buy the farm his friend’s dad was selling in Cedar Grove. He thought it was a good investment. He just came home one night and told Laurie he bought a farm. In December of ’72, they moved in and Jerry became a farmer. You may wonder how Laurie reacted to Jerry’s news about what he had done. “Well, we’re still married 46 years later,” Jerry said.

Grotenhuis Farms is a cash crop operation, which is the perfect scenario for Jerry to do what he loves. “Being outside and being in nature,” he said, “it makes me feel good.” Farming has been his life. He gets excited seeing all the positive things that have been done in the industry over the years. “Who would have ever thought you would see a semi picking up milk and feed? It was amazing when we could have a truck haul bulk.”

Jerry has been working with some other farmers in a partnership where they are having the younger generations get involved. He enjoys seeing their interest in farming. It may also give him a chance to have more time with Laurie who was a kindergarten teacher in the Ozaukee School District and has retired. There are also the grandkids to keep them busy. “We have eight of them.” Jerry said. “We are one short of a baseball team, so I am the pitcher. We love to take care of them.”

Jerry is a member of the Amsterdam Lions Club and has been with the organization for 38 years. He has also previously served on other Committees and Boards within his community.

Thank you to Jerry for sharing his story. Learning about our farmers and their families is a great resource to educate people about agriculture in their communities. We wish the best to Jerry and Laurie and their farming operation!

#FarmerFriday #78. To show our appreciation to our producer members Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday