Hinz Farms

The perfect combination of STRENGTH, BEAUTY and GRACE are how some would describe a Percheron draft horse even though these horses are huge, easily weighing 2,200 – 2,300 lbs. The words also have special meaning for Kelvin & Jackie Hinz who raise these gentle giants as the owners of Thunder Express Percherons and Hinz Farms in Adell, WI.

Hinz Farms is a cash crop grain operation. Most days, Kelvin Hinz is a one-man-show. He does the work primarily himself on the farm. Occasionally, he looks to his neighbors for a helping hand, but he really enjoys doing the work. “You put the seed in the ground in spring, you care for it and watch it grow all summer, and in the fall of the year you harvest what you worked so hard for all season,” he said. “I grew up with milking cows, but I have always loved working the land. I tried factory jobs and I can’t do it.” Being in the agriculture industry is currently challenging with prices being low and having to watch your bottom-line, but Kelvin’s experience has taught him that you have to put in to get something out. He trusts Country Visions to help in that process. He tries to focus on what he enjoys to help him remain positive about the future. Catching sight of the spring fawns when he is sitting in the tractor during planting season and then seeing how they matured when he is combining in the fall is something he looks forward to each year.

In 2005, they bought a team of horses. Kelvin admitted that a combination of a mid-life crisis and a desire to please their little girl, got him started with the draft horses. “I bought horses instead of a Harley,” he said. Their daughter, Jodi, had really wanted a horse and Kelvin thought it would be fun to have some draft horses to use around the farm. The family ended up starting to show the horses. They worked on the skills needed for competition and Jodi had become a top competitor in shows throughout the Midwest. They were up to participating in 9 fairs a year before a tragic auto accident ended the life of their daughter in early 2017. Things are different now for the family who have to rely on their STRENGTH to get them through the hard days. They remember their BEAUTIFUL girl who loved her horses, who was well-liked, and was admired by other young equine show participants for her GRACE in competitions. “We have learned over the last year to not take any day for granted,” Kelvin said. “Enjoy each day as if it were your last because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Our Miss Jodi taught us that.”

Kelvin and Jackie have continued their involvement with the Midwest Draft Horse Enthusiasts club. You may see them driving a team of 6 at their local fairs, shows and some parades. Kelvin also tries to get out and do some deer hunting, snowmobiling, and kayaking …even though he doesn’t know how to swim?!?!

Thank you to Kelvin and Jackie for being this week’s Farmer Friday. We appreciate that you shared the heartfelt statements in your story and extend our condolences for your loss. May there be bright days ahead for you, your family, your beautiful horses and your operation!

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