Hillside Dairy Heifers


Hillside Dairy Heifers in Glenbeulah, WI is a Custom Heifer Raising and Cash Crop operation. Don and Susie Liebe bought the Sheboygan County farm in 1989. That first year, they had 7 heifers they were raising. It was just going to be a hobby, but it kept on growing! “We started here with nothing, didn’t have a fork, a shovel, or machinery,” Don said. “We built this farm to what it is today and are proud to have been able to do that!” 

The Liebe’s son, Cody, and nephew, Taylor, have also developed a passion for the farm life. “After growing up out here, it would be hard to do something different,” Cody said. He enjoys working with the crops. “It is a job where you can see an outcome, see the difference from spring to fall.” They all have their favorite jobs, but the way the family is able to work together is important to them. Don takes the lead when it comes to dealing with all the cattle and the breeding; Susie does all the book work; Cody is their Machinery Man; and Taylor is the General Laborer, which means, he helps with everything.

Not everyone is cut out for life on the farm. Don’s answer for why he is proud to be a farmer? “Just the fact that I am proud to do something that others might not be able to do,” he said. “Being forced to do multiple jobs—not everyone is capable of working like that.”

The Liebes also like to go to races and truck shows. They entered a couple trucks in the show in Waupun this year. Susie takes photos and likes to scrapbook the guys accomplishments from throughout the year, on and off the farm.

They said there is never a stranger on the farm. Is that because it is operated by all family or is it because everyone is connected to agriculture in some way? Just some FOOD for thought…

Thank you to the Liebe family at Hillside Dairy Heifers for being a part of our Farmer Friday series. We enjoy the stories of our members and appreciate the opportunity to share the message of Agriculture. Best wishes for the future of your operation!

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