Greg Rickert

Greg Rickert is part of a family farming operation in Eldorado, WI. This town in Fond du Lac County is where Greg, his brother Jim, nephew Andrew Rickert, and son in-law Andy DeVries combine their skills to run a successful operation. Rickland Farm Incorporated is the land portion of the business, owned 50/50 by their parents and sons. The dairy portion, Rickert Brothers LLC, is owned by Greg and Jim. Their dairy operation is unique, as they have a registered cattle herd and do a lot of embryo and in vitro efforts with their cows.  

“A great way to make a living and enjoy time with family,” said Greg about agriculture’s importance to him. He enjoys the luxury and benefits of having multiple family generations working together. Greg loves being able to live in a rural area on a farm that now includes the 4th generation of his family. 

Outside of agriculture, Greg has a love for basketball. He coached for 11 years. His boys attended Laconia High School, where Greg was Assistant Coach. His pride as both Dad and Coach was evident through both of their undefeated seasons. 

Greg said, “I am proud to be a farmer to grow and produce quality products for the consumers.” At Country Visions, we appreciate Greg and the other farmers in our communities that take pride in what they do to feed us all! Thank you, Greg, for participating in Farmer Friday and being a member of our cooperative. We wish you continued success!

Additional note: 
Country Visions was notified that a fire broke out at the Rickert’s farm in the early hours of this morning. Thankfully no one was injured in the fire, however, some livestock perished and some were injured. Loss and damage to buildings and items inside those structures resulted from the blaze. We would like to wish our best to the Rickert family as they begin to deal with the aftermath of the fire.

Farmer #11. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday.