Glenn and Kathy Rentmeester


Glenn and Kathy Rentmeester are from Denmark, WI. Their Dairy and Crop operation is a 2nd generation farm that they took over from Glenn's father, Robert, in 1985. They work on the farm full-time, and their son, Dan, helps part-time.

When asked why Agriculture is important to them, the Rentmeesters replied, "It is important to be able to help feed the nation, yet preserve the land for the future generations."
"Farming is something I have always wanted to do," Glenn stated. "I am my own boss." Besides farming, deer hunting, being in the Threshing Club, working with old machinery, and spending time with their 3 grandchildren are things they enjoy doing.

FUN FACT: If you have seen the commercials for the FORD F150 featuring Aaron Rodgers, you may have noticed it takes place on a farm. Not just any farm! That is the Rentmeester's Farm in the background! (Often aired during Packer games, so you can watch for it during Sunday's match-up.)

Thank you, Glenn and Kathy, for participating in Farmer Friday!