Forest Ridge Holsteins


FEELING anticipation. DISCOVERING there is a new calf on its way into the world. SEEING the delivery go well. KNOWING the calf is alive and healthy. THIS is what Kurt and Sarah Loehr will tell you is the favorite part of what they do at Forage Ridge Holsteins in Eden, WI. This 5th generation Dairy Farm in Fond du Lac County has become their home, where they are also raising their daughters, Adella and Ainsley. Kurt and Sara both grew up on Dairy Farms and feel fortunate for having been brought up in an agriculture lifestyle. Continuing on the path established for them as youths, the Loehrs love raising their children on a farm. They said, “it teaches responsibility and value of a good work ethic.”

Does hard work pay off? They work hard to keep their farm clean and provide a positive image for the community. When they hear compliments, like clean and beautiful, it really makes them proud. Farming can tie you down, if you do not balance the workload. Sarah wants to have time for reading, gardening, and family, so they have to know what they can manage and make changes when needed. Creating the ability for some flexibility in their schedules through partnerships and arrangements has been the key to their success. The haylage on their property is sold to someone that comes and harvests it. The Loehrs buy dry hay from another resource. Kurt and Sarah take care of all the milking, calving, breeding, and doing embryo transplants. They have a partnership in Marion, WI that raises the heifers and takes care of the show animals. To see first hand some of the results of the work they put into their animals, the Loehrs have gone to the State Fair with the Fond du Lac 4H Dairy Project, host a lot of showing and fitting clinics, and are active with the Fond du Lac County Holstein Association. 

Thank you to the Loehr Family for being a part of the agriculture message we share through our Farmer Friday posts. Your pride for what you do is evident throughout your operation. Country Visions appreciates the business you do with us and wish you continued success.  

Farmer #38. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday