Essential Dairy

At Essential Dairy in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, owners Dave and Heather Lettow recognize the important role they play as members of the agriculture community. They want to be good stewards of the land, preserve it for generations to come and provide quality food for people. As the name indicates, this is a dairy farm, but they also have some cash crops. “We feel that we are doing the job to the best of our ability and our integrity is pure,” Dave said. “We want to leave the land better.” Currently the cows are conventional and the land is organic. Transitioning to organic, they have implemented an intensive grazing system.

Dave and Heather both have business degrees. “Dave was an accountant previously, but he needed to be outside working with the animals. He really enjoys his work with the cows. I think that farming is just in his blood,” Heather said as she described her husband’s passion for their farm. “I don’t think he will ever quit. Plus, I think it is a really awesome lifestyle in which to raise kids.” Dave and Heather have three children; Hadlee, Holden, and Hope.

The Lettows said that they love to work as a team, but take advantage of dividing and concurring, too. “Heather can stay home with the kids and also help on the farm,” Dave said. “The best of both worlds.” Heather also assists at the i4Learning Community School, sings at their church, Holy Trinity Catholic in Kewaskum and is on the Scholarship Committee for their County Dairy Promotions. David is Treasurer for the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Board of Washington County. When all of the business and the children are taken care of, or at least under control, they can take some time for themselves. Dave enjoys a good game of Sheepshead and going to restaurants to try new food. Heather likes to go for a run or bike ride and enjoys decorating their house.

Thank you to the Lettow family for sharing their story as part of our Farmer Friday feature. You were obviously inspired to be farmers and appreciate what that means. Best wishes for the success of Essential Dairy and your goals to preserve and improve the land for the next generation!

#FarmerFriday #75. To show our appreciation to our producer members Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday