Dennis Oechsner

As the sun comes up, Dennis Oechsner is usually mixing the feed for the cows at Oechsner Farms, LLC in Leroy, WI. He loves getting up in the morning to feed the cows and enjoys the peacefulness during the early hours of the day.

Six generations have been a part of this dairy and grain farm that is currently operated by Dennis, along with his wife Jeni, brother Dave and sister in-law Cheryl. Dennis feels that farming has been in their blood since they were young. It fuels their passion to always do better and improve on the latest technology, taking pride in the land and preserving it for the next generation. He did question his career choice when he started out, but then his wife gained interest and it became clear to him that it was a great atmosphere to raise a family and involve the next generation. Dennis claims that farming was never a question for his brother, David, who seemed to know his plan since the day he was born. 

What makes this Dodge County farm exceptional? The Oechsner’s take pride in the consistency of their operation. Time is very important and everything stays on schedule. Dennis said, “seeing the results of what we do every day, after putting in all that hard work,” that is what makes him proud to be a farmer. 

Taking rides with his wife in his Mustang ranks pretty high on Dennis’ list of fun things to do outside of their work schedule. Dennis and Jenny also enjoy spending time with their grandkids, snowmobiling and traveling when they get a chance. Membership in the Farm Bureau, a local snowmobile club and their church keep them connected with their community. Jenny has extended her involvement in agriculture through her role as a Board Member for Fond du lac Ag Business and she belongs to Wisconsin Women for Ag.

Thank you, Dennis, for participating in Farmer Friday and sharing your story. We appreciate your patronage as a member of Country Visions Cooperative. Best wishes to Oechsner Farms, LLC! 

Farmer #13. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday.