Dennis and Matt Vellema



A family tradition handed down from father to son for 4 generations. That is the heritage behind Vellema Farms, LLC in Waupun, WI.

“It’s what we love doing, it’s a passion,” said Dennis and Matt Vellema about farming. Along with Dennis’s wife, Jane, they raise steers and cash crop grain. They haven’t had to rely on hired help, the family is always around to step-up. The Vellemas have always been intrigued by agriculture. They feel they were born and raised to farm. “It’s a good way to work together with your family and everyone has their part in it,” they said. Thoughts of a 5th generation getting involved in their farm may soon be a reality for this family, Matt and his wife had a baby boy last Friday. Little Blake Matthew has his Daddy’s nose and blue eyes and will share a birthday with his Grandpa, Dennis. Congratulations!

“A job is what you do for a paycheck, but a career is something you do because it’s what you love and enjoy.” That was the advice from these farmers that enjoy every part of their profession. Raising cattle is a year-round business and Dennis said he loves working with the animals and talking to them. Additionally, as a grain operation, planting the fields, seeing the seed grow and then harvesting that crop gives a feeling of pride to this family. Dennis was always in charge of making breakfast. On a grander scale, that idea emanates through their farming operation into growing food for America and being able to feed the world. 

Winter hobbies are most common for farm families. Matt’s favorite is going on snowmobiling adventures. Dennis chooses to go traveling during the winter months, making golf an option during any season for him. Dennis is also a member of the American Legion post 210; he had been drafted into the army in 1968 during the Vietnam Era and spent 2 years in Germany. 

Thank you to the Vellema family for sharing the stories of agriculture with us in this Farmer Friday segment. Best wishes to you as you carry on the Vellema family farm legacy!

Farmer #16. To show our appreciation to our producer members, Country Visions Cooperative will be giving a snapshot look of our customers and their operations in this feature each Friday.