Cedar Lawn Farm

Optimism is defined as a mental attitude reflecting a belief or hope that the outcome of a specific endeavor will be positive, favorable and desirable. To hear a farmer say that they are "remaining optimistic” during these challenging times, should give all of us some hope.

George, Kathy, and Peter Muth operate Cedar Lawn Farm in West Bend, Wisconsin. George is optimistic, fueled by the reward of working together with his son and watching the next generation grow in their abilities. “I was in high school, my dad wasn’t healthy, so I milked and helped with the farm,” George said. “I enjoyed working with the cattle, showing and such, so I took it over.” Having his kids grow up on the farm; knowing that ever since Peter was little this is what he wanted to do; and watching his grandchildren come to the farm; strengthens the hope in this farmer that their farm will withstand through their challenges.

The farm is a dairy operation. They do grain, but dairy is their focus. Peter is the 6th generation of their family to join the farming operation. “I enjoy working with my dad. I like growing things and I like to see new life with the animals,” he said. “I like the people that we work with, neighbors and businesses. It’s a tight community.” In 1847, their ancestors came to America and established the farm. In 1992, they moved operations to their current location, but still farm some of the homestead from 1847. Most of the field work they do themselves and farm on land all the way to Jackson, WI. Approximately 2/3 is no-till. “We no-till where we can,” Peter said, “any land south of Hwy. 33 is no-till.” They do some custom bagging, truck bagging for haylage and silage. They also haul most of their manure on their own.

When George gets a break from the work on the farm, he enjoys antique tractor pulls and they do a little traveling. He has three grandchildren and takes care of them a few days a week, too. He is Vice President of Lakeshore Farm Management and Vice President of his church, St. Andrews Lutheran in West Bend. Peter likes to go riding when he has time and the weather conditions are right for his snowmobile or motorcycle. He is President of Washington County Farm Bureau, a member of the Fillmore Fire Department and the Eastern WI DHIA.

Thank you to George and Peter for participation as our Farmer Friday story this week. Your appreciation for your community, neighbors and family and your dedication to your farm can hopefully inspire others to stay optimistic. We wish continued success to you, your family and your operation at Cedar Lawn Farm!

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